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We offer experiential-based, impact-driven classes that are structured for professionals in all career stages. Topics range from leadership to operations and may be sorted using the filters below. For a full class calendar, fill out your information in the form at the bottom of the page to download our at-a-glance guide.

We encourage you to call (801) 587-7273 to speak with one of our staff members to select the classes that may be right for you.

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Name Topic Dateshf:categorieshf:tags
Building a Lean Enterprise - Online, , lean-six-sigma online-classesongoing online
Charting Your Path to Strategic Leadershipwomen-in-leadership2022
Conflict Management and Resolutionexecutive-leadership2021-10
Develop Your Executive Presence: Express Your Authentic Voicewomen-in-leadership2022
Developing the Inspirational Leader Within - Online, , authentic-leadership-and-business-ethics online-classesongoing online
Developing Your Coaching Leadership Stylewomen-in-leadership2022
Diversity Legal Requirements: Know Your Legal Rights and Duties - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Diversity, Inclusion, and High Performance - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Ethical Marketing for Successful Sales - Online, , authentic-leadership-and-business-ethics online-classesongoing online
Finance & Accounting For Decision-Making, mba-foundationsongoing online
Finance for the Non-Financial Leaderexecutive-leadership2021-09
Finance for the Non-Financial Leader - Online, executive-leadershipongoing online
Finding Your Authentic Voicewomen-in-leadership2022
Growth Through Feedback and Interpersonal Skillsexecutive-leadershiptbd
Healing Systemic Inequality Through Allyship in The Workplace, uncategorized leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion
Health Science Leadership Development Program, health-care2021-08 2021-09
Innovation Mindsetexecutive-leadership2021-12
Inspire Integrity: Chase An Authentic Life at Work and Home - Online, , authentic-leadership-and-business-ethics online-classesongoing online
Inspiring Leaders Through Emotional Intelligence - Online, online-classesongoing online
Know Your Impact: Leading Self, Others, and Organization, mba-foundationsongoing online
Leadership Through Effective Ethical Practices - Online, authentic-leadership-and-business-ethicsongoing online
Leading Across Generations: Millennials in the Workplaceexecutive-leadershiptbd
Leading Across Generations: Understanding Diverse Generational Values - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Leading Change: Managing a Moving Targetexecutive-leadership2021-11
Leading High-Performance Teamsexecutive-leadership2021-09
Leading with Ethics and Emotional Intelligenceexecutive-leadership2021-08
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, , lean-six-sigma2021-09 2021-10 2021-11
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - Online, , lean-six-sigma online-classesongoing online
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Online, , lean-six-sigma online-classesongoing online
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Manufacturing Industries, lean-six-sigma2021-08 2021-12
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Non-Manufacturing Industries, lean-six-sigma2021-08 2021-12
Leveraging Psychological Safety to Create a Growth-Mindset Organization - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Leveraging Your Conflict Style and Being Assertivewomen-in-leadership2022
Making Strategic Business Decisions, mba-foundationsongoing online
Managing Diversity and Inclusion: Developing a Systemic Organizational Model - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Mastering Public Speakingexecutive-leadership2021-10
Mastering Strategic Leadershipexecutive-leadership2021-12
Mindfulness and Interpersonal Effectivenesswomen-in-leadership2022
Operations Management and Leading Change, mba-foundationsongoing online
Power of Communication: Let’s Talk Negotiatingwomen-in-leadership2022
Prescriptive Analytics: Optimization, mba-foundationsongoing online
Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics - Online, , authentic-leadership-and-business-ethics online-classesongoing online
Rethink. Understanding Your Unconscious Bias - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
Speaking to Inspire, mba-foundationsongoing online
The Racial Crisis in America - Online, , leading-with-equity-diversity-and-inclusion online-classesongoing online
The Value of Economics: How (and How Well) Do Markets Work, mba-foundationsongoing online
Using Governance to Create an Ethical Business Culture - Online, , authentic-leadership-and-business-ethics online-classesongoing online