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Leading Organizations With
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion


This certificate program is designed to help organizations create more inclusive workplaces, empower leaders, and encourage employee growth. It takes a multitiered approach that is specifically tailored to address the diverse needs of executives, managers, and everyday employees. It is a good fit for any organization with ten or more employees. Individuals and smaller organizations should consider the stand-alone Leading with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Certificate.


This certificate will help you and your team understand what it takes to foster diversity and inclusion. This knowledge can lead to better business outcomes, innovation, and increased efficiency. As you challenge yourself, your team, and the status quo of your organization, you will see areas for improvement. This will enable you to create better processes and a better environment for growth. The impact of these improvements may be felt within your organization and your community.

The bottom line: Having more people trained in equity, diversity, and inclusion can boost recruiting and retention of employees, increase innovation and market share, and help build your business’s reputation.

Employee Impact

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills

  • Improve your diversity leadership skills

  • Contribute to a welcoming workspace
  • Identify opportunities for personal growth

  • Understand your unconscious bias

Organizational Impact

  • Improve employee relations & retention

  • Create an equitable, inclusive environment

  • Attract diverse, talented employees

  • Foster growth and empowerment

  • Eliminate systemic bias


100% Online

12 weeks to complete

5 hour classes

On-Demand Access



Certificate Opportunities

This certificate program is structured for maximum impact and optimal resource management. Our multitiered approach allows organizations to focus on training employees appropriate to their function. We have three certificate tiers to choose from: Individual, Managerial, & Executive.

If 50% of your employees complete one of these certificates, your organization will be certified in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. This includes individual certifications for participants, a social media campaign, and an award presented to your organization for its work in this space.

Note – These prices and options are only available to organizations with 10 or more participants; others should consider an individual certificate.


$600 per person

Essential Classes:

Learn how to cultivate a growth-mindset organization that encourages candor, frequent feedback, appropriate risk-taking, and intelligent failure.

Engage in a series of learning activities and mind-strengthening exercises intended to ignite self-awareness, inspire self-reflection, and foster deep self-examination.

Learn to recognize systemic inequality and reflect on how your actions can an impact in the workplace. This course will empower you to improve the culture and climate of your organization.


$1200 per person

All Individual Classes +

Understanding the differences of values that exist between these generational groups can help visionary leaders, managers, and supervisors to build on the strengths of such diversity and create an organizational culture that embraces coexistence, cooperation, and teamwork.

Hear from a collection of interviews with community leaders as they discuss the racial crisis in America, its history, the current climate, and how it will progress in the future.

Learn why equity, diversity, and inclusion are closely linked to the challenge of work-life integration. Explore the pivotal role that employers can play in helping employees pursue their desired family life trajectories.


$1800 per person

All Individual & Managerial Classes +

Participants will experience an innovative process of creating systemic model of diversity management as they move beyond legal compliance to the empowerment of organizational members and the creation of a competitive advantage.

Diversity and inclusion are essential for achieving high performance. We will introduce a model of performance involving both cognitive and functional skills as essential for effectively managing a diverse workforce.

Learn about anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action plans, hiring and termination policies, the history of diversity laws, and more. By the end of this course, you will better understand how regulations are designed to prevent systematic discrimination.

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Abe Bakhsheshy Ph.D.

Abe Bakhsheshy, Ph.D.

Kathryn A Canas, Ph.D.

Kathryn Cañas, Ph.D.

Jennifer Cummings Ph.D.

Jennifer Cummings, Ph.D.

Claudia Geist PhD

Claudia Geist, Ph.D.

William Guillory Ph.D.

Bill Guillory, Ph.D.

Nakeia Homer

Nakeia Homer

Sui Lang L Panoke

Sui Lang L. Panoke, MPA

Colee Pyne, J.D.

Colee Pyne, J.D.

William A Smith

William Smith, Ph.D.

Live Workshop Option

We can customize content for your organization and industry in a live workshop setting with our faculty.
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