Leaders spend 30 to 50% of their time making decisions, but many turn out to be poor. Through this course, you will learn where to look for strategic problems and opportunities, and then you will decide which ones you should tackle. You will learn how to structure problems, get to the underlying cause, and choose alternatives. Through taking this approach, you will use problem-solving techniques to include the perspectives of different people. These techniques will then be applied to strategic problems and common personal dilemmas. You will walk away from this course with an improved ability to make good, strategic decisions.


  • What is strategy
  • Strategic versus tactical problems
  • Prioritizing problems and opportunities
  • Problem statements
  • Generating options and alternatives
  • Choosing an option and making decisions


This class will benefit anyone in a role that has or will need to make tough decisions.  It is designed to help you learn how to make strategic decisions in your personal and professional life. This will especially benefit leaders looking to develop their strategic skillset and feel confident in their decisions.

Personal Impact

  • Grow in your team or organization

  • Become a more strategic leader

  • Solve problems using proven decision-making strategies