Disagreement and conflict seem to be everywhere we look. Heated tempers hijack productive conversations, preventing understanding and resolution. At the other extreme, staying silent or feeling unsafe to express an honest opinion makes productive problem-solving impossible. The ability to express disagreement respectfully and effectively is essential to a civilized society and a healthy workplace. It is possible to defend personal convictions while also understanding opposing viewpoints. In this course, you will learn critical skills for navigating difficult conversations. Compromise, negotiation, and persuasion and interact respectfully with others who think, work, and live differently than we do.

Class Content

  • Benefits and risks of conflict

  • Your feelings about conflict

  • Physiological response to conflict

  • Making your conflict style work for you

  • Strategies for managing conflict effectively

  • How to prevent and de-escalate hostile reactions

Class Schedule

Day 1

  • Managing your mind: understanding the brain’s response to conflict
  • Understanding and leveraging your conflict style

Day 2

  • Strategies for managing conflict effectively
  • De-escalating hostile reactions

Class Impact

This class is designed for anyone who wants to create a better team atmosphere and mediate conflict. It is especially helpful for individuals in a leadership capacity who want to create a collaborative work environment and understand how to manage conflict.

Personal Impact

  • Mediate difficult conversations