//Women’s Leadership: Leading High Performance Teams

Women’s Leadership: Leading High Performance Teams


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Research has revealed effective and ineffective communication practices for effective teamwork. Learn about them and reach personal and organizational goals while becoming the leader you want to be.


Working in teams can promote efficiency, creativity, diversity, critical thinking, synergy, and rewarding workplace relationships. Working in teams can also leave team members feeling frustrated, alienated, voiceless, and confused. While no one formula can guarantee team success, research reveals the effective and ineffective practices for effective communication among teams. Learn methods for helping your team tap into the full measure of their resources.

In this program, you will:

  • Learn to encourage effective communication patterns among teams, while discouraging those that are less effective.
  • Develop methods of helping teams tap into the full measure of their resources.
  • Realize the effects of conflict and collaboration on team success and individual satisfaction.
  • Discover how to promote an organizational climate of open and ongoing feedback.

Upcoming Dates:

October 2019

10 – 11 October 2019
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

April 2020
9-10 April 2020
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Dr. Jennifer Cummings

Dr. Jennifer Cummings is an Associate Professor (Lecturer) in the Management Department at the David Eccles School of Business and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of  Communication at the University of Utah.

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  1. Katrina Vastag

    “I honestly enjoyed learning how to communicate more firmly, yet respectfully, by the example of Jennifer Cummings.”

  2. Katrina Vastag

    “The content had abundant tips and resources for real life application which is sometimes rare from professors. Loved it.”

  3. Katrina Vastag

    “It’s a great reminder of how to work effectively with others and a good framework for teaching my teams.”

  4. Katrina Vastag

    “This was an outstanding class, examples were really relevant and realistic. The instructor did an exceptional job of engaging everyone in the room using a variety of techniques and provided appropriate breaks.”

  5. Katrina Vastag

    “Jennifer’s style, presentation, speech, and tone were so easy to listen to. I really enjoyed the pre-reading assignments that framed the content we would be learning. There was also an appropriate amount of class examples and feedback weaved into the content delivery. Jennifer was excellent at maintaining a good flow.”

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