Matching supply with demand is an enormous challenge for firms: excess supply is too costly, inadequate supply irritates customers. In this course, we will explore how firms can better organize their operations to deliver the right products for the right customers at the right time. We will tackle difficult questions. We will address and answer such diverse questions as: Should airlines bump passengers? Should women have more public restrooms than men? Since justice delayed is justice denied, how do we ensure timely judicial outcomes?


Capacity and utilization of processes

  • Why do queues form?
  • How can organizations better manage queues?
  • What are implications for organizations and their customers?
  • Inventory decisions for products, such as fashion apparels
  • Overage and underage costs
  • Protection levels
  • Booking limits


This class is designed for anyone in a role that leads change or wants to develop that skillset. It will benefit anyone who wants to increase their efficiency in their teams or across organizations. It is especially useful for managers looking to develop their operations management skillset.

Personal Impact

  • Lead change more effectively

  • Match supply with demand efficiently

  • Grow in your team or organization