This course is designed for leaders who have completed Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. The black belt program provides advanced training in technical process-improvement techniques and builds upon Lean Six Sigma fundamentals. Participants will learn how to increase productivity, process flow, and customer satisfaction while decreasing total defects, cycle time, and work-in-progress delays. As part of the course, participants will have the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge by completing a large-scale process improvement project in their organization.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a business strategy focused on process improvement and eliminating waste. This unique combination creates a competitive advantage that results in reduced costs, improved quality, and increased speed of delivery.

Countless organizations have successfully transformed their workflows with Lean Six Sigma methodologies. It is recognized worldwide in manufacturing, distribution, engineering, logistics, software development, retail, health care, and government industries. Lean Six Sigma is utilized by 82% of Fortune 100 companies, with an estimated global savings of $427 billion over the last 20 years.

Council for Six Sigma Certification Seal

Our program is taught by a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and our certificates are accredited by The Council for Six Sigma Certification. This accreditation is crucial: It is one of the most prominent and well-respected accreditations for Six Sigma programs. It is used and recognized in more than 165 countries worldwide.

What is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification represents a mastery of advanced tools and techniques used to lead teams and optimize processes. This certificate is recognized and respected worldwide. It is the capstone of the Lean Six Sigma courses offered by the David Eccles School of Business Executive Education program. The Black Belt coursework builds upon the foundational skills learned inĀ Lean Sigma Six Green Belt training by adding advanced analytical tools that can be used to further refine processes. These skills are tested and fine-tuned through real-world projects.

Black Belt graduates will be able to confidently lead strategic-level continuous improvement projects, analyze complex business scenarios, develop leaders in the Lean Six Sigma methodology, and deliver substantial results for any organization. A recent study showed certified Black Belts saving their organizationĀ over $275,000 annually, in addition to their regular responsibilities.


  • The DMAIC process (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)

  • Advanced statistics and Minitab use
  • Design of Experiments
  • Kanban
  • 5S


This course is designed for managers who want to further refine processes and discover new optimization opportunities. It is especially useful for senior engineers, operations managers, production managers, and project managers. This course can benefit administrators in any industry if they are committed to continuous process improvement.