Creating an Ethical Business Culture – Online


Examine corporate governance techniques and policies to mitigate the risk of an ethical breach in your organization. This course will emphasize the creation of an effective ethics program and a speak-up/listen-up culture.


In this course, participants will examine how to mitigate the risk of an ethical breach in their organization through corporate governance techniques and policies. This will include how to create a living, breathing Code of Ethics by examining its different components, how to deliver training across different generations, and how to reward for ethical behavior and consistently discipline for unethical behavior across all levels of employees.

Through this course, participants will be able to create the foundations for an ethical culture in their work environment, understand the essential components of a Code of Ethics, and develop policies to encourage the use of hotlines and helplines while avoiding whistleblower retaliation.

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Available On-Demand

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  • Theoretical underpinnings

  • Atone from the top

  • Avoidance of short-termism

  • Code of Ethics

  • Clear communication channels

  • Hotlines/Helplines

  • Whistleblower protections

  • Ethics training

  • Rewards for ethical behavior


This course was designed for managerial employees at all levels, including those working in ethics & compliance, risk management, human resources, finance, accounting, information systems, supply chain relations, and marketing.  It is especially useful for attorneys, entrepreneurs, and members of boards of directors.