In this foundational, hands-on course, you will use Microsoft Excel to build spreadsheet models for any organization. These models will include key performance indicators linked to variables that are under the decision maker’s control. By identifying variables, you will be able to use software to craft solutions. We will use Excel’s Solver tool to find the solution that optimizes the key performance indicator. We will apply the techniques to applications in various functions of a business. You will walk away with the skills to use this in your company and identify solutions to organizational problems.


  • Fact-Based Decision-Making
  • Analytics Definition and Application Examples
  • Describe the Situation and Problem
  • Identify Decision Variables and Key Performance Indicators
  • Product Mix, Blending, Covering, and Transportation
  • Shortest Path and Maximum Flow Examples
  • Determining Relevant Numbers
  • Application of the Blending problem
  • Brief Introduction to Sensitivity Analysis


This class is designed for anyone who wants to adopt data-driven decision-making.  It can benefit business professionals who want to find key insights for their organizations and make strategic recommendations, using tools that they already have access to. It is especially useful for leaders looking to optimize key performance indicators and identify solutions to organizational issues

Personal Impact

  • Learn valuable career skills and tools

  • Evaluate data independently

  • Approach difficult decisions confidently