Diversity Legal Requirements: Know Your Legal Rights and Duties – Online


Learn about anti-discrimination laws, affirmative action plans, hiring and termination policies, the history of diversity laws, and more. By the end of this course, you will better understand how regulations are designed to prevent systematic discrimination.


Regularly, every employee confronts employment law regulations from discrimination/harassment regulations, designating an employee versus an independent contractor, and handling employment contracts such as non-compete agreements. The law may apply from an employee asserting their legal rights or from a manager’s perspective, as they are tasked with drafting employee procedures, handling employee complaints, supervising employees, hiring employees, or possibly terminating other employees. Without knowledge of the relevant laws and regulations, employees unintentionally put their companies at legal risk.

Specifically, this section includes a review of anti-discrimination laws, harassment legal prevention, affirmative action plans, hiring and termination policies, employee policy recommendations, non-compete/no-solicitation agreements, confidentiality agreements, and employee versus independent contract designations.

Finally, throughout this course, we will focus on the history of diversity employment laws. By understanding the legal history of diversity laws, an employee learns the reasoning behind such regulations to prevent systematic discrimination.

Course Content

  • History of diversity employment laws

  • Anti-discrimination laws

  • Harassment legal prevention

  • Affirmative action plans

  • Hiring and termination policies

  • Employee policy recommendations

  • Non-compete / No-solicitation agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements

  • Employee versus independent contract designations

Course Impact

Since no one is immune from the law, this course will benefit anyone with a job based in the United States. Employees at all levels can benefit from this course because it Employment Law at differing levels of responsibility. Anyone unfamiliar with employees’ legal rights and duties can find value in this curriculum.

Personal Impact

  • Gain confidence through knowing your legal rights as an employee