The purpose of this course is to enable education seekers to reason about the role of ethics in business administration in a complex, dynamic, global environment. Ethics is an ongoing conversation about human interrelationships, so ethics is as much a part of management as finance, accounting, and organizational behavior. Ethics concerns how our actions affect each other, and it is about the choices we make for ourselves and for others.

Our focus will be on cases without easy answers, we will try to find some viable alternatives in extremely difficult situations, and we will develop reasoning skills to defend these alternatives from a managerial perspective. Please note that the purpose of this course is not to teach ethics, but rather to offer a foundation in ethical thoughts followed by a variety of perspectives on difficult ethical dilemmas that we all face in our daily management practices. We will examine methods by which we analyze these problems and decide upon the best course of action. Therefore, it is important to understand how to recognize ethical problems, conduct an ethical analysis, and rely on your personal values.

Note: This course may be completed as part of the Authentic Leadership and Business Ethics.

Key Topics

  • Ethical Leadership Habits

  • Self-Awareness

  • Personal Growth

  • Ethical Thought

  • Analyzing Personal Values

Course Modules

Social Responsibility

  • Building Commitment and Effort Within an Organization

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The Impact of Money on the Decision-making Process

Ethical Leadership

  • Ethics on Different Levels (Personal, Organizational, Industry, and Societal)

  • Social and Ethical Relativism
  • Caring and Virtue Ethics
  • Servant Leadership

Course Format