It is becoming increasing difficult to navigate our professional relationships without being impacted by what’s going on in the world around us. Systemic inequality will not end by pretending it doesn’t exist or denying its existence because it makes us feel or look bad. Business as usual is not the way forward if you want to foster a healthy, productive, and impactful work environment. Through self-reflection, opportunities for personal accountability, mindset-shifting exercises, and individual learning, this course will empower you to transform the culture, climate, and impact of your workplace.

Healing Systemic Inequality Through Allyship in The Workplace, is engaging, informative, relevant, and soul stirring. Participants will dive into key definitions and concepts related to systemic inequality, examine the part they may play in its perpetuation, develop healthy work practices that will put an end to it, and walk away from the course better informed and better equipped to make lasting personal and professional improvements.


Systemic Inequality Explained

  • Understanding key concepts and definitions related to systemic inequality and their relevance in the workplace.
  • Who is directly impacted by systemic inequality in the workplace

The Effects of Systemic Inequality

  • Examining unconscious biases that contribute to inequality
  • Identifying personal, team, and organizational inequality, and its impact

Healing Systemic Inequality & Fostering an Inclusive Workplace Environment

  • Confronting systemic inequality through allyship
  • Choosing respect in the workplace
  • How to do your part


This course is designed for mid-level and senior leaders looking to improve the culture and climate of their organizations. It is especially useful for Leaders looking to create a more diverse and inclusive environment. This course can benefit anyone looking to foster healthy professional relationships. It can also help leaders and employees who are looking for teambuilding training.

Personal Impact

  • Develop conscious decision-making skills

  • Strengthen interpersonal skills

  • Recognize opportunities for personal growth

Organizational Impact

  • Cultivate a healthy, conscious workplace