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Undergraduate Scholarships

The David Eccles School of Business awards nearly $7 million in undergraduate scholarships annually and also funds programs to provide tuition assistance to student workers. Browse below for more information, how to apply, and important deadlines to get your slice of the pie.

Merit-Based Scholarships

The Eccles School regularly rewards undergraduate students with scholarships based on hard work and strong academic caliber.

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Supplemental Scholarships

We are dedicated to helping all of our students obtain their educational goals. Scholarships are stackable and awarded in addition to the Eccles School UG Merit Scholarship.

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External Scholarships

Explore several other criteria-based scholarships.

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Business Scholars

Incoming freshman and transfer students can find scholarships through the Business Scholars program.

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First-Generation Scholarships

Our First Ascent and Opportunity Scholars programs and scholarships are dedicated to supporting first-generations students.

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Goff Strategic Leadership Scholarships

Open to undergraduate students enrolled in Goff Strategic Leadership courses.

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Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Scholarship

Open to undergraduate business students pursuing the Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations (QAMO) major or the Economics major.

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Marriner S. Eccles Economics Scholarship

Open to undergraduate business students pursuing the Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations (QAMO) major or the Economics major.

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Lassonde Scholarships

Undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available through the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute.

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Kahlert Scholars Scholarships

Open to students in the Kahlert Scholars program that covers the program cost.

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Education at Work allows you to simultaneously work and get tuition assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely no, so long as you received an offer letter about your award by the June prior to your expected award disbursement year. Scholarships offered through the Business School are departmental and likely will only show on your financial aid portal, not the Scholarship portal, which is specific to the University, Financial Aid will have a stronger accumulation of your expected funds. Additionally, our awards are processed every summer so if you do not see your aforementioned offered award by mid-July, please reach out to our office.

The David Eccles School of Business is very fortunate to have many donors to supplement scholarships available to students. Some of those funds are used to cover the costs of the Scholarship you received through the Business School. You are still receiving the same award just the funds have been chosen to be covered by a donor and all or a portion of your merit award has been renamed. These awards do not stack as they are covering the same offer as stipulated in your terms and conditions.

These awards also require additional tasks such as a thank you letter or attending the Scholarship luncheon. Please be sure to complete everything involved in your acceptance terms for a Donor award.

The Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship is an agreement between students in participating states and their university to cover a large portion of out of state tuition to make financial debt lower than paying out of state for the duration of a college career while also not having to gain Utah residency.

Each college is expected to supplement the difference between out of state tuition and what the student is expected to pay meaning that the Business school is already paying a large portion of tuition for these students that merit scholarships would normally cover if the student was not receiving WUE. If a student received both their merit award and WUE they would essentially be double awarded.

For more in depth terms and conditions to the WUE award, please visit our financial aid page.

Absolutely! The Business School has donor specific scholarships that are determined via a committee for students who apply. These supplemental awards are able to be applied for every year in early spring and can stack with almost any award offered to a student. You can find the application here.

All awards are offered through the Utah Academic works Scholarship portal. By logging in using your CIS credentials, you can navigate to the tab labeled my applications and complete any tasks needed to fulfill the requirements of your award. If you are having trouble doing so, you can reach out to our office to ensure everything is completed correctly. Please keep in mind that some awards, especially donor specific awards may require additional requirements such as a thank you letter or attending a luncheon. Be sure to regularly check your Umail account to be sure you do not miss further instructions for your award.

No.  Your award will be automatically updated to “accepted” if you already agreed to the terms and conditions through Business Scholars Admissions or were awarded a merit scholarship the previous year.  You are required to submit a new thank you letter each year if your merit scholarship is being funded through donor support.