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A finance student’s education requires meaningful, real-world opportunities, balanced by worthwhile classroom experiences. The David Eccles School of Business Department of Finance faculty are not only committed educators, they’re also seasoned professionals and internationally recognized researchers. When they’re not teaching courses on investment, valuation, corporate finance, real estate, banking, international finance, insurance, or CFA prep courses, they might be participating on federal investigative panels or as an expert witness in a high-profile financial scandal trial or publishing their research in The Wall Street Journal or Forbes.

Degrees in Finance

Department of Finance Faculty

Respected as some of the best in their field, Eccles School faculty are skilled teachers, innovative researchers and global thought leaders who are shaping the strategic pioneers of the future and transforming business practices worldwide.

Finance Faculty

Upcoming Events

Seminar Series

Check out our upcoming seminars below. Click here to view our past seminars.

Thursday, February 16 (Econ Brown Bag) Curtis Taylor, Professor of Economics Duke 12:00pm in SFEBB 7122 Advice is Cheap: Information Is Not!
Friday, March 2 (Finance Seminar) John Griffin, Professor of Finance UT Austin 10:00am in TBD Is the Chinese Corporate Anti-Corruption Campaign Genuine?
Wednesday, March 7 (Econ Seminar) Isabelle Brocas, Professor of Economics USC 2:30pm in CRCC 205 Altruism and strategic giving in children and adolescents
Friday, March 9 (Finance Seminar) Kai Li, Professor of Finance UBC 10:00am in CRCC 115 Product Market Dynamics and Mergers and Acquisitions: Insights from the USPTO Trademark Data
Tuesday, March 27 (Finance Seminar) Michael Hertzel, Professor of Finance ASU 2:45pm in CRCC 115 Speed Matters: Limited Attention and Supply-Chain Information Diffusion
Friday, March 30(Finance Seminar) Adam Clark-Joseph, Assistant Professor of Finance UIUC 10:00am in CRCC 115 Exploratory Tradings
Wednesday, April 11 (Econ Seminar) Andreas Peichl, Professor of Management and Public Finance University of Munich 12:30pm in CRCC 205 TBD
Friday, April 13 (Finance Seminar) Elena Pikulina, Assistant Professor of Finance UBC 10:00am in CRCC 115 TBD
Thursday, April 26 (Finance Seminar) Carolin Pflueger, Assistant Professor of Finance UBC 2:45pm in CRCC 205 TBD
Monday, August 14 (Finance Brown Bag) Jason Kotter, Assistant Professor of Finance Penn State 11:00am in SFEBB 3106 Minimum Wage and Corporate Policy
Wednesday, August 30 (Econ Seminar) Dan Barron, Assistant Professor Strategy Northwestern 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Optimal Contracts with a Risk-Taking Agent
Friday, September 1
(Finance Seminar)
Jonathan Brogaard, Assistant Professor of Finance U Washington 10:00am in CRCC 115 Risk and Return in High-Frequency Trading
Wednesday, September 6 (Econ Seminar) Alex Gelber, Assistant Professor Public Policy UC Berkeley 2:00pm in CRCC 115 Using Kinked Budget Sets to Estimate Extensive Margin Responses: Method and Evidence from the Social Security Earnings Test
Tuesday, September 12 (Finance Seminar) Mike Weisbach, Professor of Finance OSU 2:45 pm in CRCC 205 Price Risk, Production Flexibility, and Liquidity Management: Evidence from Electricity Generating Firms
Wednesday, September 13 (Econ Seminar) Roni Michaely, Professor of Finance Cornell 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Are U.S. Industries Becoming More Concentrated?
Wednesday, September 20 (Strat and Econ Seminar) Nick Bloom, Professor of Economics Stanford 12:45 pm in CRCC 210 The Great Micro Moderation
Friday, September 22 (Finance Seminar) Denis Sosyura, Associate Professor Finance ASU 10:00am in CRCC 115 Family Descent as a Signal of Managerial Quality: Evidence from Mutual Funds
Monday, September 25
(Econ Seminar)
Mihai Manea, Adjunct Professor Stanford 12:45pm in CRCC 110 Bottleneck Links, Essential Intermediaries, and Competing Paths of Diffusion in Networks
Wednesday, September 27 (Econ Seminar) Brendan Daley, Associate Professor of Economics Duke 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Bargaining and News
Friday, September 29 (Finance Seminar) Joel Hasbrouck, Professor of Finance NYU 10:00am in CRCC 115 FX trading costs and revenues: evidence from the settlement network
Friday, October 6 (Finance Seminar) Luke Taylor, Assistant Professor of Finance Wharton 10:00am in CRCC 115 Portfolio Liquidity and Diversification: Theory and Evidence
Wednesday, October 18 (Econ Seminar) Avidit Acharya, Assistant Professor of Political Science Stanford 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Searching for Policy Reforms
Friday, October 20 (Finance Seminar) Stefan Zeume, Assistant Professor of Finance Michigan 10:00am in CRCC 115 The Value of Offshore Secrets – Evidence from the Panama Papers
Friday, October 20 (Econ Seminar) Amanda Friedenberg, Associate Professor of Economics ASU 3:00pm in CRCC 115 Incumbency Advantages Revisited
Wednesday, October 25 (Econ Seminar) Ignancio Esponda, Assistant Professor of Economics UC, Santa Barbara 12:45pm in CRCC 115 The Industry Supply Function and the Long-Run Competitive Equilibrium with Heterogeneous Firms
Friday, October 27 (Finance Seminar) Espen Eckbo, Professor of Finance Dartmouth 10:00am in CRCC 115 Tradeoff Theory and Leverage Dynamics of High-Frequency Debt Issuers
Wednesday, November 1 (Econ Seminar) Sara Lalumia, Associate Professor of Economics Williams 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Strategic Timing of Charitable Giving
Friday, November 3 (Finance Seminar) Bronson Argyle, Assistant Professor of Finance BYU 10:00am in CRCC 115 Monthly Payment Targeting and the Demand for Maturity
Wednesday, November 8 (Econ Seminar) Dana Foarta, Assistant Professor of Political Economy Stanford 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Unification versus Separation of Regulatory Institutions
Wednesday, November 15 (Strat and Econ Seminar) Simon Board UCLA 12:45pm in CRCC 115 An Inspection Model of Learning in Networks
Thursday, November 16 (Finance Seminar) Tony Cookson, Assistant Professor of Finance UC Boulder 2:45pm in CRCC 215 Some People Say Evasive Language in Corporate Disclosures
Wednesday, November 29 (Econ Seminar) Mehmet Ekmekci, Associate Professor of Economics Boston College 12:45pm in CRCC 215 Costly advice protests and nonbinding voting
Friday, December 1 (Econ Seminar) Caroline Weber, Assistant Professor of Economics University of Oregon 10:00am in CRCC 215 Costly advice protests and nonbinding voting
Wednesday, December 13 (Econ Seminar) George Georgiadis, Assistant Professor of Strategy Kellogg 12:45pm in CRCC 115 Optimal Monitoring Design
Friday, December 15 (Econ Seminar) Tim Groseclose, Professor of Economics Duke 10:00am in TBD Bargaining When Only One Player Can Make Proposals

Monday, January 23 (Econ Seminar) David Rahman, Associate Professor of Economics University of Minnesota 12:15 pm in CRCC 210 The Dilemma of the Cypress and the Oak Tree
Wednesday, February 15 (Econ Seminar) Attila Lindner, Assistant Professor (Lecturer) of Economics University College London 1:00 pm in SFEBB 3106 Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?
Tuesday, February 21

(Finance Seminar)

Ryan Pratt, Assistant Professor of Finance BYU 2:45 pm in CRCC 210 Comparables Pricing
Wednesday, February 22 (Econ Seminar) Francesco Squintani, Professor of Economics University of Warwick 1:00 pm in SFEBB 3106 Networks and Ideology
Tuesday, February 28 (Finance Seminar) Robert Dittmar, Professor of Finance Michigan 2:45 pm in CRCC 210 Cross-Market and Cross-Firm Effects in Implied Default Probabilities and Recovery Values
Friday, March 3 (Finance Seminar) Renee Adams, Professor of Finance UNSW 10:00 am in CRCC 115 Good News for Some Banks
Tuesday, March 7 (Finance Seminar) John Graham, Professor of Finance Duke 2:45 pm in CRCC 210 CEO Power and Board Dynamics
Wednesday, March 8 (Econ Seminar) Alex Imas, Assistant Professor of Social and Decision Sciences CMU 1:00 pm in SFEBB 3106 The Dynamics of Discrimination: Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment
Friday, March 10 (Econ Seminar) Daniel Gottlieb, Assistant Professor of Economics Washington University 10:00 am in CRCC 115 Lapse-Based Insurance
Tuesday, March 21 (Finance Seminar) Charles Jones, Professor of Finance Columbia 2:45 pm in CRCC 210 Tracking Retail Investor Activity
Tuesday, March 28 (Finance Seminar) PK Jain, Professor of Finance Memphis 2:45 pm in CRCC 210 Institution Foresight: Do Institutions Profit from Repurchase Announcements?
Wednesday, March 29

(Econ Seminar)

Takako Fujiwara-Greve, Professor of Economics Keio University 1:00 pm in CRCC 210 Long-term Cooperation and Diverse Behavior Patterns under Voluntary Partnerships
Tuesday, April 4

(Finance Brown Bag)

Shmuel Baruch, Associate Professor of Finance University of Utah 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Is Index Trading benign
Wednesday, April 5 (Econ Seminar) Elena Patel, Researcher US Treasury 1:00 pm in CRCC 210 The Long-Run Effects of Paid Family Leave in the U.S.: Evidence from Tax Returns
Monday, April 17 (Finance Seminar) Gordon Phillips, Professor of Finance Dartmouth 12:15 pm in CRCC 210 Product Integration and Merger Success
Wednesday, April 19 (Econ Seminar) Gilles Duranton, Professor of Real Estate Wharton 1:00 pm in CRCC 210 Measuring the cost of congestion in a highly congested city: Bogota
Tuesday, April 25 (Finance Seminar) Giorgio Sertsios, Assistant Professor Universidad de los Andes 2:45 pm in CRCC 205 The effects of business group affiliation: Evidence from firms being “left alone”

Tuesday, September 13 (Finance Brown Bag) Davidson Heath, Assistant Professor of Finance University of Utah 2:45pm in CRCC 205 The Value of Trademark Protection: Evidence from the Federal Trademark Dilution Act
Wednesday, September 14 (Econ Seminar) Georgy Egorov, Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Science Northwestern, Kellogg 1:00 pm in SFEBB 7122 Private Politics and Public Regulation
Tuesday, September 20 (Finance Brown Bag) Feng Zhang, Assistant Professor of Finance University of Utah 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Vanishing Stock Dividends
Wednesday, September 21 (Econ Seminar) Alex Hirsch, Professor of Political Science CalTech 1:00 pm in CRCC 115 Policy Contests
Tuesday, September 27 (Finance Seminar) Henri Servaes, Professor of Finance LBS 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Credit Ratings and Acquisitions
Wednesday, September 28 (Econ Seminar) Jonathan Cohn, Professor of Finance U of Texas, Austin 1:00 pm in CRCC 115 How do employees fare in private equity buyouts? Evidence from workplace safety records
Tuesday, October 4 (Finance Seminar) Chris Parsons, Associate Professor of Finance and Accounting UC San Diego 2:45pm in CRCC 205 What’s in a (school) name? Racial discrimination in higher education bond markets
Wednesday, October 19 (Econ Seminar) Jeff Denning, Assistant Professor of Economics BYU 1:00 pm in CRCC 105 Propelled: The Effects of the Pell Grant on Graduation and Earnings
Tuesday, November 1 (Finance Seminar) Christine Parlour, Professor of Finance UC Berkeley 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Making Money: Commercial banks, liquidity transformation and the payment system
Wednesday, November 2

(Econ Seminar)

Jin Yeub Kim, Assistant Professor of Economics University of Nebraska 1:00 pm in CRCC 115 A Noncooperative Foundation of the Neutral Bargaining Solution
Tuesday, November 8 (Finance Seminar) Jonathan Karpoff, Professor of Finance U Washington 2:45pm in CRCC 205 The Lifecycle Effects of Firm Takeovers
Friday, November 11 (Econ Seminar) Michaela Pagel, Assistant Professor of Finance and Economics Columbia 1:00 pm in CRCC 215 The Liquid Hand-to-Mouth: Evidence from Personal Finance Management Software
Wednesday, November 16 (Econ Seminar) Ed VanWesep, Associate Professor of Finance U of Colorado, Boulder 1:00 pm in CRCC 115 Constrained Asset Prices
Tuesday, November 29 (Finance Seminar) Cesare Fracassi, Assistant Professor of Finance U of Texas, Austin 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Is Private Equity Good for Consumers?
Wednesday, November 30 (Econ Seminar) Ronen Gradwohl, Assistant Professor of Managerial Economics and Decision Science Northwestern, Kellogg 1:00 pm in CRCC 110 Privacy in Online Social Networks
Tuesday, December 6 (Finance Seminar) Kenneth Ahern, Assistant Professor of Finance and Business Economics USC 2:45pm in CRCC 205 Information Networks: Evidence from Illegal Insider Trading Tips
Wednesday, December 7 (Econ Seminar) Michael Lovenheim, Associate Professor of Policy Analysis and Management Cornell 1:00 pm in CRCC 110 How Does For-profit College Attendance Affect Student Loans, Defaults and Earnings?

Beyond the Classroom

We offer finance students many opportunities to become involved in applied learning opportunities.

Finance Club

Finance Club brings together students who wish to work in investment banking, management consulting or financial analysis in a Fortune 500 company. Students receive advice and feedback on creating a competitive, job-specific resume and learn how to be successful in finance and case interviews.

Learn More

Student Investment Fund

The Student Investment Fund gives students the opportunity to manage actual stock portfolios. Students meet regularly to develop an investment strategy, conduct research and invest in specific stocks. Students also receive advice from investment professionals and track their investments and progress.

Learn More

University Venture Fund

University Venture Fund (UVF) is an independent venture capital firm committed to improving the quality of entrepreneurial education for a diverse group of students at its participating universities. The fund is a collaborative effort among students, universities and the professional investment community.

The students raise capital, perform due diligence on venture capital opportunities and make investments. Each year, UVF hosts University Private Equity Summit where business students from around North America gather to share best practices and learn from investment industry professionals.

Learn More

Week on Wall Street

Each spring, about 12 Eccles School finance majors take a week-long visit to the indisputable hub of worldwide financial activity, New York City.

On the trip, students visit investment banks and corporations to see just what their degree could do for them in the workplace. Students also have the opportunity to meet with recent alumni working in New York.

Learn More