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Calculate your Investment

Use the form below for an estimate of your tuition and fees for the semester when attending the David Eccles School of Business.*
Questions about enrolling for classes? Make an appointment with an academic advisor.

Summer Semester?
Are you taking BUS 3995?
Are you a declared business major? (Not including pre-business)


Lower Division (Class #'s 1000-2999): Upper Division Eccles (Class #'s 3000+).
If you are taking BUS 3995, please include in this count. Upper Division-Non Eccles School Total Credits:

*Tuition estimates are for one semester and are based on the information that is input and the current tuition rate schedule posted on the University of Utah Income Accounting website, which are subject to change at any time. There may be additional course fees, for example, if you are taking an online course, those fees are not included in this calculation. THIS IS AN ESTIMATE ONLY. 

†BUS 3995 is associated with Business Scholars and the Business Scholars Transfer Programs. For more information, visit

Tuition Zero Hour The base level tuition charged by the University of Utah (Central) regardless of the number of credits taken.
University of Utah Tuition For more information, visit
Eccles School Tuition Differential These fees are associated with the support and service you receive as part of your Premier Eccles Experience. See video below.
Mandatory University of Utah Fees For more information, visit
Mandatory Declared Major Fees These fees are charged to all declared business majors regardless of what classes are taken during a specific major.
Business Scholar Fees These fees are associated with the Business Scholars and Business Scholars Transfer Programs. For more information, contact

What is differential tuition?

Differential tuition funds the wraparound student support students at the David Eccles School of Business enjoy. The Eccles Experience includes academic advisors and career coaches dedicated specifically to business students, free tutoring for many business courses, and expansive scholarship support.