Undergraduate Majors

The David Eccles School of Business offers nine majors, arming you with the essential skills to succeed in business. All students must complete the core curriculum (business prerequisites) prior to declaring their major. Click here for more information.


Engage in financial management, business-transaction tracking, and merger and acquisition tracking to adapt to a constantly evolving field.

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Business Administration

Gain a strong knowledge base across the fundamental disciplines of business.

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Prepare to follow trends, identify emerging opportunities, and pursue possibilities.

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Learn how to raise, invest, and manage capital in creative, productive, and responsible ways.

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Information Systems

Acquire the tools and training to help organizations leverage technology to solve business problems, innovate, create new products and achieve strategic objectives.

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Understand organizational culture and learn how to adapt to change, inspire change, and facilitate the accomplishment of strategic goals.

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Understand market research, consumer behavior, advertising, and international marketing, and learn how to build brands that people want.

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Operations & Supply Chain

Take a project, process, product, or service and transform it into something better, more efficient, and cost-effective.

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A degree in Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations (QAMO) teaches you to apply economics to business problems with an emphasis on game theory and econometrics.

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