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Set-up base camp.

Junior year. Start your journey to the summit.

Zero in on your major and investigate what career paths you want to follow after graduation.

Talk to your academic advisor.

Dare to declare! Your academic advisor can help you explore major-specific criteria and confirm your path to graduation.

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Make an impact.

Inform policies, find solutions to business problems, and master key leadership skills through involvement with our 17 institutes, centers, and initiatives.

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Gain experience with an internship.

Find internship opportunities with Business Career Services, narrow your career options and goals, and research graduate school possibilities.

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Making the most of your junior experience.

As an independent scholar in your department, you can start making decisions about your life after the Eccles School. Think about what you’ve accomplished so far, the connective threads and your values, and use them to help you plan for your future. Business Career Services can help you research potential graduate schools, identify top companies, and land an internship in your field. You may also want to consider meeting with your faculty mentor to discuss a significant undergraduate research project that includes an honors thesis. It’s a great way to develop your intellectual, professional, and personal growth.

This type of serious preparation can seem overwhelming, but rest assured, we’ve got your back. And don’t forget to enjoy the other side of your college experience! Take advantage of clubs and events across campus and study abroad programs.

Your Eccles Experience by Major

Check out our nine different undergraduate majors offered at the Eccles School. Click below to learn about experiences specific to each major and what careers await you after you graduate.

A premier education experience.

The Eccles School is dedicated to giving our students a premier education experience. We know higher education is an investment and we are dedicated to providing the services that help you navigate your path and provide the professional and student opportunities you need.

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“I came into the Eccles School curious and ready to learn. With excitement as a third-year junior, I know I will walk away with never-ending memories of my Eccles community, a stronger support network, professional and personal development skillsets. This is my Eccles Experience, what will be yours?” ~ Ainu Kaufusi