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Broaden your horizons.

Sophomore year. Explore the many opportunities that await you at the Eccles School.

You know the terrain and are charting your path ahead.

Reconnect with your academic advisor.

Reconnect with your academic advisor to review where you are in your academic journey.

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Get involved with BLinc.

Get involved in Business Leaders Incorporated (BLinc.), gain leadership experience, and make life-long friendships.

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Explore potential career paths.

Investigate major-related careers via info sessions and develop interview and networking skills.

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Making the most of your sophomore experience.

By sophomore year, you are settling into your Eccles Experience. Now is the time to assess where you are going – what major you want to choose, potential internships, and how you can build your network. Once accepted into the Eccles School, the Integrated Business Core takes you into upper-division courses, including Business Fundamentals, an integrated survey of foundational business concepts. Examine what area of business interests you and review the prerequisites for each of our nine majors.

Build your leadership skills through student organizations such as BLinc. or become a student ambassador via Business Scholars. As you take on new responsibilities, serve as a mentor to others, and work within teams to problem-solve, you will build skills that future employers find valuable. It also helps to clarify your goals as you move into Spring Semester and seek to declare your major. 

Integrated Business Core.

Your Eccles Experience by Major

Check out our nine different undergraduate majors offered at the Eccles School. Click below to learn about experiences specific to each major and what careers await you after you graduate.

A premier education experience.

The Eccles School is dedicated to giving our students a premier education experience. We know higher education is an investment and we are dedicated to providing the services that help you navigate your path and provide the professional and student opportunities you need.

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“When I think of my Eccles Experience, I think of the passion and commitment from Eccles faculty and staff to support me in my education and future. Be it high-level programming and events, invaluable career preparation services, phenomenal professors, and everything in between. My Eccles Experience is as fantastic as it is because the people here care.” ~ Xander Johnson