Academic Departments

The Eccles School prepares students for successful careers by providing seven robust, holistic academic departments with highly qualified and engaging faculty.

School of Accounting
School of Accounting

The School of Accounting builds innovative leaders to affect change and ethically navigate within a diverse, inclusive, and ever-changing business environment.

Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy

Learn and grow by doing. Students receive in-depth education, mentorship, and abundant resources with the expectation to get involved, launch something, join a team, and make a difference.

Department of Finance

The Department of Finance provides real-world opportunities balanced by worthwhile classroom experiences.

Department of Management

The Department of Management creates leaders who can shape organizational culture, inspire change, and implement effective strategies.

Department of Marketing

The Department of Marketing shapes leaders who know how to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers.

Department of Operations & Information Systems

OIS creates leaders who know how to manage complex information systems and processes.

Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations
Division of Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organization

The Division of Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations studies the applications of economic analysis to business decision-making.