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Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Join us for upcoming on-campus and virtual events. Get tips on hot jobs and internships.

University of Utah Academic Calendar
Well-Being Elevated
Well-Being Elevated is an initiative by students for students that empowers you to manage stress, activate healthy behaviors, and ultimately strengthen your well-being, all while earning $75 to do so!
Sign up at Eccles.link/well-being.
Supporting Black-owned business in Utah: Legal and business reforms to drive change
Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021
8 – 9 a.m. MST
A conversation celebrating Black History Month sponsored by the David Eccles School of Business and the S.J. Quinney College of Law. Register at Eccles.link/Blackbusiness.
Edie Kochenour Memorial Event
Amplifying Voices: Embracing Difference and Changing the Rules
Friday, Feb. 26, 2021
Noon-2 p.m. MST
Women’s voices have often been muted, overlooked, or discounted. When women are invited to the table, they are often expected to conform to the dominant culture, which narrows impact and opportunity. This is especially true for women of color. The 2021 Edie Kochenour Memorial Event will draw from the wisdom of leaders who are working tirelessly to advance women. The panel will explore strategies to embrace difference and reconstruct existing systems to amplify the voices of those who have long been invisible. Register at Eccles.link/ediepanel.
Eccles Global Info Session
Friday, Feb. 26, 2021
1 p.m. MST
Learn more about the Fall Semester offerings for Eccles Global! Register at Eccles.link/global-info.
Community Care Hour: Wellness Wake-Up!
Monday, March 1, 2021
1 p.m. MST
With another pandemic-semester, maintaining our wellness is perhaps more important than ever. Join us to take a moment to check in with yourself about your wellbeing in different areas of life. Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Women Who Code: Technical Interviews
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
12:15 -1:15 p.m. MST
Women Who Code Series: Four-part series for women to meet, build community, develop coding skills, and learn about careers in coding.
Melissa Kraft, Director, Student Professional Development & Placement, will present helpful information on how to prepare for technical interviews. She will share applicable resources available to students through Business Career Services. All students, both undergraduate and graduate, are welcome.
Register at Eccles.link/WWC.
Negotiating Club Workshop Part II: Negotiation Techniques and Strategy for Implementation
Wednesday, March 3, 2021
5-6:30 p.m. MST
Learn specific strategies for negotiating with employers and get to try them out with other participants. This fun, interactive workshop may make the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars throughout your career. Participants who attend both parts of this event will be entered in a drawing for a prize!
Join here.
Careers in the Music Industry – Insider Panel
Thursday, March 4, 2021
3:30 p.m. MST
Are you interested in a career in the music industry? Don’t miss our insider panel with industry veterans Travis Kirschbaum, Vivian Host, and Jamie Strong, whose collective careers span genres, roles, and labels. Register at Eccles.link/music-careers. Questions? Email marcella.kirschbaum@eccles.utah.edu.
Student Non-Instructional Day
Friday, March 5, 2021
Enjoy a break from classes today!
2021 Young Women’s Leadership Summit: A Morning Celebrating the Power of Authenticity
Friday, March 5, 2021
8 a.m. MST
This free virtual event is perfect for young women looking to hone their leadership skills, connect with other women, and learn more about tapping into the power of authenticity. Hear from keynote speaker Carla Harris, Vice Chairman, Managing Director, and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley, and a panel discussion with Neylan McBaine, Better Days 2020; Ruchi Watson, Goff Strategic Leadership Center; and Kelleen Potter, Mayor, Heber City. Find more info and register at Eccles.link/leadership-summit.
Women’s Week: Inspiring a Movement
March 8-12, 2021
The University of Utah’s Women’s Week is an annual, weeklong event focused on the issues and challenges faced by those who identify as female or women. All are welcome to get involved and participate! Learn more and register for events at diversity.utah.edu/ww/
Community Care Hour: BIPOC Jewels of Wisdom
Monday, March 8, 2021
1-2 p.m. MST
The unique experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) often creates incredible jewels of wisdom and life lessons that can be shared. Join us for a space where BIPOC students can share knowledge with one another that helps them continue to push forward to make their dreams a reality. Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Truth in Tuition 2021 Webinar
Monday, March 8, 2021
2-3 p.m. MST
Join University of Utah Leaders for a virtual public forum discussing the proposed 1.8% increase in tuition and fees. Topics include an explanation of the tuition-setting process, rationales, and answers to pre-submitted questions. Register at Eccles.link/uofu-forum.
Real Women Run Case Comp Registration Deadline
Friday, March 12, 2021
Get involved, develop strategic and creative plans, and win prizes! Register your team to compete in developing a strategic, creative plan to increase the number and diversity of women running for office in Utah. Find more info and register at Eccles.link/realwomenrun. Co-hosted by Goff Strategic Leadership Center & the Hinckley Institute of Politics in partnership with the YWCA Utah.
Community Care Hour: Stress and Self Care
Monday, March 15, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
During pre-COVID times, we would typically be making our transition back to courses from spring break by now. Therefore, managing our stress and engaging in self-care is incredibly important as we continue to push through to the end of the spring! Come join us for a conversation where students can share how stress has been impacting their lives and ways that they manage stress levels through self-care. Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Community Care Hour: Motivation and Procrastination
Monday, March 29, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
Navigating college as a first-gen student breaking barriers can come with its unique experiences and feelings – from pride and excitement to growing pains and challenges. Join us for a space to connect with others about your identity and experiences as a first-gen student. Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Student Non-Instructional Day
Monday, April 5, 2021
Enjoy a break from classes today!
Community Care Hour: Connecting During COVID
Monday, April 5, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
For many, the pandemic has brought on feelings of loneliness and isolation in not being able to connect with others like we wanted to. Come join us for a space to check-in and provide support to one another as we share experiences and explore creative ways to still connect with others during these strange times! Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Community Care Hour: Surviving and Thriving as BIPOC
Monday, April 12, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
The lived experiences and identities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) can come with many unique layers and complexities. This conversation will be a space to honor the trials and triumphs, to celebrate the joys, and discuss the challenges. We invite you to check-in, share stories and feelings, and receive support from one another as we come together in community and connection. Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Community Care Hour: Picking Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Down
Monday, April 19, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
If you are feeling down, it can be tough feeling not like yourself and getting unstuck. Know that you are not alone and come join us for a space to check-in and share experiences, talk about coping strategies, and provide support to one another! Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.
Community Care Hour: Mindful Moments/Self-Compassion
Monday, April 26, 2021
1-2 p.m. MDT
Sometimes, it can be hardest to be compassionate to ourselves and allow ourselves time amidst everything going on. Take a break from your day and come join us for a conversation on the joys and challenges of being mindful and self-compassionate in this day and age! Hosted by the Office for Student Inclusion. Register at Eccles.link/care-hour.