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Welcome to your Eccles Experience.

Freshman year. It’s your time to explore.

Your first year is a wonderful time to discover opportunities at the David Eccles School of Business, get involved, and start building life-long friendships.

Talk to your academic advisor.

Your advisor can guide you as you settle into your college experience.

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Check out Business Scholars

Business Scholars is a great way to explore the Eccles Experience, network, and make friends.

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Meet with your career coach.

Your career coach can help you find your passion and explore the best career path for you.

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Making the most of your freshman experience.

Your first year is a wonderful time to explore the Eccles School and the University of Utah. Your pre-business courses include BCOR 1010, a career-exploration class that helps you explore and prepare for career paths in business through assessments and activities, culminating in a personalized career development plan.

Seek a balanced schedule with lots of variation, and try things that might surprise you. Get involved in a student club, meet new people, and attend events offered across the university. And as you settle into your college experience, know we are here to support you. Sign up for a free appointment in the tutoring center, meet with your academic advisor, and drop by the Office for Student Inclusion to find a quiet moment in the reflection room.

In Spring Semester, you’ll apply for admission to the Eccles School (Upper Division). Take time to reflect, plan for summer internships, continued courses, or study abroad with Eccles Global.

Integrated Business Core.

Your Eccles Experience by Major

Check out our nine different undergraduate majors offered at the Eccles School. Click below to learn about experiences specific to each major and what careers await you after you graduate.

A premier education experience.

The Eccles School is dedicated to giving our students a premier education experience. We know higher education is an investment and we are dedicated to providing the services that help you navigate your path and provide the professional and student opportunities you need.

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“As I started my first semester of college three years ago, I had no clue where the next four years would take me or what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I’m entering my senior year with a lot more clarity and ready to take on the ‘real-world’ with confidence. I can attribute my preparation to the quality education I’ve received from the U and my Eccles Experience.” ~ Bayleigh Whiteley