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Climb to the top.

Senior year. Make it to the summit.

Finish strong in your senior year by engaging deeply in your classes and continue to build real-world experience before you graduate.

Talk to your academic advisor.

Meet with your academic advisor to confirm your path to graduation.

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Apply for graduation.

This is the year! Apply for graduation, finish up your degree, and report your placement.

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Land your dream job.

Prep for interviews and attend career fairs for top companies and industries in your field.

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Making the most of your senior experience.

After years of hard work, you’ve made it to the final stretch. Meet with your academic advisor early to confirm your path to graduation and meet application deadlines. Take time to reflect on your college experience and recalibrate as necessary. It’s not too late to work on an honors thesis project or complete an internship. Soak up student life! Go beyond your comfort zone and continue to explore and gain real-word experience – take a new elective, volunteer, and acquire new skills.

Networking is vital during your senior year. Meet new people and make connections with the business community through our Smart Start mentoring program. Attend career fairs and discuss job prospects with your Career Coach. And seek advice, recommendations, and mentorship from faculty. We are here to support your transition from college to work and beyond. As graduation nears, report your placement and get ready to join the Eccles Alumni Network!

Power up your degree.

Expand your U experience.

Join the Alumni Network.

Report your placement as you become a member of the Eccles Alumni Network with more than 42,000 people across the world.

Your Eccles Experience by Major

Check out our nine different undergraduate majors offered at the Eccles School. Click below to learn about experiences specific to each major and what careers await you after you graduate.

A premier education experience.

The Eccles School is dedicated to giving our students a premier education experience. We know higher education is an investment and we are dedicated to providing the services that help you navigate your path and provide the professional and student opportunities you need.

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“As I started my first semester of college three years ago, I had no clue where the next four years would take me or what I wanted to do with my life. Now, I’m entering my senior year with a lot more clarity and ready to take on the ‘real-world’ with confidence. I can attribute my preparation to the quality education I’ve received from the U and my Eccles Experience.” ~ Bayleigh Whiteley