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Declare a Major

Admission to the David Eccles School of Business and its majors is competitive.

Students interested in the Accounting, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, and Operations & Supply Chain majors must follow the steps below.

Students interested in the Quantitative Analysis of Markets & Organizations major have a different path to declaration and should visit this page for information about admission.

Direct Admission for Business Scholars

Business Scholars who maintain a 3.2 or higher University of Utah GPA are directly admitted to the Business Administration major. To initiate the declaration process, Business Scholars must submit this form when they are finishing their pre-business courses.

  • C- or higher in 4-5 pre-business courses
  • Currently enrolled in final 1-2 pre-business courses
  • 3.4 or higher total GPA
  • 3.4 or higher business GPA
  • C- or higher in all 6 pre-business courses
  • 3.2 or higher total GPA
  • 3.2 or higher business GPA
  • Not eligible for Conditional Admission or Automatic Admission
  • C- or higher in all 6 pre-business courses
  • 3.0 or higher total or business GPA

*Students who are conditionally admitted must meet certain grade and GPA requirements to maintain their admission.
**Submitting an application does not guarantee admission. A committee will review students’ full academic records and admit on a case-by-case basis. 

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