Doman Innovation Studio is an incubator within the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business providing space for idea, project and product exploration. We work with both for-profit and non-profit companies and projects that have existing transactions and prototypes, providing counselling and resources to help them achieve stability and profitability.

We support the Salt Lake community by providing regular meeting space for anyone to share their progress and ideas and receive feedback; other open events, hosted with the help of our partners, are meant to help entrepreneurs gain more valuable and often elusive skills. For our members, we provide individualized guidance and resources tailored to their unique needs, leveraging the expertise of our team and extensive network. Our cohort regularly meets to track progress, and promote accountability, mutual support and peer-mentorship.


We believe that entrepreneurship should not be gate-kept and that anyone can be an entrepreneur, regardless of their background. With a special interest in underserved communities, Doman works with projects across campus and the Salt Lake area that aim to address the challenges faced by their respective communities, creating a positive change for our members and their respective communities.

We take a rigorous and growth-oriented approach to advising our members, setting high standards for development, achievement, and inclusion. Our collaborative and inclusive approach is tailored to the unique needs of each project we work with to achieve stability, profitability, and fundraising opportunities without compromising social impact or inclusion.

Our mission is to foster an environment of creativity and innovation while promoting ethical business practices and social responsibility. We strive to empower entrepreneurs to realize their potential, create positive change, and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Ways to Get Involved

Doman Community

Attend one of our Doman talks or open discussions to learn from others and share your own entrepreneurial journey. These events are intended for anyone in any stage of their process to enjoy. You can even reserve a time slot to practice an upcoming presentation and receive feedback! Learn more about specific topics offered or our next open meeting here.

Doman Members

Members are in initial development stages of their project, having received some kind of user feedback when first entering Doman. Members are committed to growing themselves along with their business. We take pride in our cohort for being flexible and wanting to develop their process through rigor, craft, and consistency.


Acceptance is provided on a rolling basis. To gain membership, all members are required to apply and are expected to be engaged from 3-18 months. More information will be available here when applications are live; otherwise, please contact us for more information.

Our Founder: Curt Doman

The Doman Innovation Studio was founded by Curt Doman. He is the founder and chief innovation officer at Progressive Leasing. He holds a degree in finance from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah.

Our Team

Cord Bowen


  Tina Ziemek


  Cesar Sanchez


Sam Martinez

Project Manager

Julia Dominesey

Project Manager

Sophia Nester

Project Manager

Current Members