Who We Are

The Doman Innovation Studio is an incubation and advising group within the University of Utah David Eccles School of Business serving for-profit companies or nonprofit projects with working prototypes or existing transactions that need resource commitment, market alignment and product development. Doman hopes to support its company partners with a direction toward stability, profitability and potential fundraising opportunities.

Doman Innovation Studio

Our Focus

Doman Startups

Peer based project accelerator that provides structure, process, and accountability.

Doman Community

A place to get feedback from other creative, self-driven, curious people with projects.

Doman Consulting

We provide targeted support to profitable businesses in the form of identifying specific problems and solutions.

Who is a Fit?

• Founders who value preserving ownership

• Founders who are coachable and want a structured process

• Side gigs, lifestyle businesses, real businesses

NOTE: We don’t have a target or minimum revenue for participation nor do we require companies to be profitable.

Upcoming Events

Our Team

Cord Bowen


Tina Ziemek


  Cesar Sanchez


Sam Martinez


Contact Us

Doman Innovation Studio
at Kahlert Village
265 S 1850 East #1135
Salt Lake City, UT 84112


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