Gain real-world experience, make an impact,
and create lifelong connections.

Via the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy, Goff courses integrate real-world experiences into every aspect of learning. This ranges from guest lectures by business and thought leaders to hands-on projects with companies, nonprofits, and organizations. Each course is multidisciplinary in nature, meaning classrooms are full of students from different backgrounds and colleges with varied interests and perspectives. In each Goff course, students work with classmates to complete real projects for real businesses, nonprofits, or other organizations.

“My biggest takeaway has been that a startup is really not as impossible as I before thought. This internship has given me hope for starting my own business in the future.” Parker Smith, Health, Society, and Policy


In the Explorers program, students are paired with a for-credit internship and engage in a concurrent leadership/professional skills class. This experience allows students to build professional skills, test-drive an industry, and access extra support during their first professional experience.

  • Generally offered in Spring and Summer Semesters
  • For students seeking their first professional experience (usually in their first two years of college)
  • For-credit internship paired with leadership/professional skills class
  • For those who could, 77% of Explorers employers gave a return offer to their interns

Explorers have interned with start-ups, large corporations, small businesses, and professional organizations.

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Focusing on one project client each semester allows students to build a relationship with and create a customized plan for their clients – all while receiving insightful feedback from the class instructor and a dedicated business advisor along the way. During class time, students will hear from experienced business leaders about engaging a strategic leadership mindset and making a lasting impact.

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Project Examples

“Goff was really helpful in not only in providing me with that real world experience, but also connecting me with different people who I remain friends with to this day.” Sabah Sial, Finance

“We worked with real national companies and nonprofit organizations to help with industry analysis, financial analysis, recommendations to reach their objectives. Don’t let technical terms scare you. You learn along the way, and it’s open to ANY MAJOR! You also get to learn from Bonita Austin, an amazing instructor and businesswoman. Just join, you’ll know what I’m talking about.” Amy Ha, Marketing and Information Systems


Students will work on multiple projects over the two semesters, putting into practice what they learn from each one as they tackle the next challenge. Students will also have the opportunity to take turns leading their peers on different projects. Professor Bonita Austin will prepare students along the way by teaching strategy frameworks and business analytics tools to support class projects and future business careers.

  • Two semesters, Fall and Spring Semester
  • 3.5 GPA or higher and an ability to register for Fall and Spring Semesters. Preference may go to students with junior or senior status.
  • $1,000 scholarship per semester; $2,000 total. Scholars counts as a bridge course for students beginning upper division Fall 2022. Please contact your advisor to confirm eligibility.
  • Scholars counts as a bridge course for BCOR students and for Honors elective (6 credits).
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