February 5th was an incredible experience.  The business scholars began the day with a guest speaker: Aaron Kuehne, University of Utah alumnus and current Chief Financial Officer at Black Diamond, Inc.  He physically demonstrated the features of some Black Diamond outdoor products. He also offered insight into career options and business principles while focusing on the concept of what drives value for a business.

The weather and favorable snow conditions at Snowbasin made for a nearly-flawless skiing experience.  Some of us were visiting a ski resort for the first time and received skiing or snowboarding lessons.  Others were more experienced and were able to freely explore the expansive terrain the resort had to offer.

The day culminated in a presentation given by the Snowbasin management team.  They discussed the costs and revenue-drivers of a ski resort’s operations. They also went into detail on the extensive preparation that goes into every aspect of keeping Snowbasin up and running during the ski season. Management also discussed other streams of revenue and activities employed by the resort during the warmer months.

Winter Sports Day 3

Winter Sports Day 1