Transfer Scholars in Seattle

After arriving in Seattle, Transfer Scholars had the great opportunity to meet with 3 alumni that were working in various companies across Seattle. We heard insight from those working in Wells Fargo, Microsoft, and even Starbucks. The next morning we drove down to the city of Renton, where we were given security access into the Boeing facility. There we learned a variety of facts in regards to planes, competitors, and manufacturers. We were also able to see the factory and watch airplanes being built. The panel we had with the employees was unique in the sense that they were from various levels of the business. We talked to financial specialists as well as the mechanics actually building the planes. 

After leaving Boeing, we made our way back to downtown Seattle. Here we explored the fast paced, hustle and bustle of the Amazon culture. All around us we saw owners bringing their dogs to work and felt a fresh air of that entrepreneurial spirit. We had the incredible opportunity of speaking with alumni at Amazon, as well as their college recruits. It was interesting to see what they look for in interns and future employees and peers. 

Seattle offered a variety of things to do, besides hunting for the million dollar start ups. The Transfer Scholars program also took us on the underground tour of the city, and a football game which kept us on our toes to the very last second. We also had the opportunity to ride the ferry, visit the Ballard Lochs, and see the flying fish at Pike Place Market.