The Transfer Business Scholars went to Washington DC to experience the culture, community and business practices there. In DC, we were able to visit Marriot’s headquarters and hear from Dave Marriot who is an alumni of the University of Utah. Marriot gave us a tour of the campus where we able to see modern mock hotel rooms, innovation garages and contemporary employee work spaces. We also were able to meet John Lapiana who works for the Smithsonian museums. He gave a brief presentation followed by ample time for a Q&A. We were able to learn the history of the Smithsonian’s roots and how they are able to fund all the research they do.

My favorite part of the trip was the opportunity to get more acquainted with my classmates. We were able to explore DC on our free time and even ended up singing karaoke at a sushi restaurant in Chinatown. I arrived at the restaurant with only a couple of friends and slowly more business scholars trickled in until we took over the whole floor. By the time we left everyone in restaurant was a Utah fan.