The Study Abroad I am on right now has easily been one ofthe greatest experiences of my life. Although it is not over yet, I have learned more in the past couple weeks than I ever thought I would. Learning
about different languages, cultural differences, how business is done in Europe, and much more. No short trip can compare to living in a foreign area because some things have taken me time to recognize and admire. The group I am with has been so fun and we have become good friends, quickly, because how much we are all together. The students you are with add a new dimension to the
overall experience that you may not anticipate.

Academically the classes are challenging, yet, rewarding. For my Honors Marketing class, my Professor is Andrea Thomas who recently left Wal-Mart headquarters in order to teach at the U. Her insights are extremely valuable to the class because her examples and stories are extremely relevant. She has personal insights on all the things we read in the book which makes our comprehension of the material even greater. The class is structured around reading, discussing and analyzing case studies. Beneficial to the class because we are able to read from the book, discuss in class and then apply what we have learned to the case studies that we recently read. This approach has helped me to not just “get the grade” but to understand the real life implications of the material.

While on the study abroad you have many weekends that are free if you would like to travel. A couple friends and I have taken full advantage of those weekends. We have been to Fuerteventura, Barcelona, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg, and London. These shorter trips have been amazing! Attached below is a picture from Fuerteventura which is an Island off the coast of Morocco, Africa. It’s a part of the Canary Islands  which is a group of islands belonging to Spain. These trips are great opportunities to see different parts
of Europe but they are not led by  University of Utah Staff.

I’m so glad I chose to do this and work for it. It wasn’t easy to get here but it is worth all the sacrifice.