Tyler Petrowski just finished his sophomore year and has recently accepted a finance internship with Zion’s Bank. He shared his experience with the interview process with us.

“I head about the internship by looking on their careers website and also at the career fair. The interview process was fairly straight forward. They called me into their office about month post-applying and I met with two gentlemen where they asked me several questions about myself. No technicals. Then about two weeks later they offered me a position.

Business Scholars was a great help with my resume. It also helped to make the connections necessary to obtain the position.

I will be a credit analyst in Zion’s commercial real-estate division.

My advice is start early in the internship finding process. I waited very late and missed out on other potential opportunities. Also, always treat people kindly and establish good relationships because you never know when a connection will help you out tremendously when applying for internships. Having a solid network is the most important factor when applying. ”