Meghan McGinnis is a freshman in the Business Scholars Program. We talked to Meghan to learn how her first month in the program and living on campus is going:

My experience so far on campus has been great! Living in the Lassonde Studios means all of my classes are super close, and walking back to my dorm from the Eccles building I have the best view of the changing leaves on the mountains. The student life center is an amazing facility I’m lucky to have available.

The Lassonde’s Coffee with Creatives lecture series is definitely going to be one of my favorite things. This last week we had a speaker talk about strategies for how to creative a career our of art, and it was really such a unique opportunity for me as a student.

The Business Scholars program has met and exceeded my expectations. It is truly teaching us on a professional level and I feel very confident that even as a freshman, I’m quickly learning the tools to thrive in a business environment. My first unit was data analytics, which is something I never would have imagined studying prior to college.

This last week we had a company visit to the Jazz, which was so incredible. We got to hear speeches from professionals in that company, with a focus on sales of tickets and food. Again, I had never before imagined learning about these things back in high school. It was such an awesome opportunity to see the inside perspective of such a noteworthy company.