Learning Abroad

Global Business Scholars

The Eccles Global learning abroad program provides students with safe, affordable opportunities to engage in worldwide business education that instills the skill set students need to compete internationally. Our programs are unique in that all of our international classes are taught by the same top-ranked faculty students engage with at the Eccles School. Students, staff, and faculty spend one week to one semester studying business with an international focus. Students often participate in weekend excursions and make lifelong friends.

Global Business Scholars’ unique curriculum has a global focus, equipping students to explore the world of business from an international viewpoint. Students who join this commit to learning abroad for one week in either Fall Semester and Spring Semester. The learning abroad experience will provide multiple opportunities to explore top businesses at locations around the world and learn from the leaders making an impact in their countries and the global marketplace.

One Week Programs

  • Specific to Business Scholars students
  • Earn one international credit (IR)
  • Visit companies outside of the U.S.
  • Cultural experiences, hotel and food included
  • Past locations have included Aman (Jordan), Amsterdam, Jerusalem, London, Oslo, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, and Tokyo

Spring, Summer, and Fall Programs

  • Flexible course load
  • One 4-week course
  • Two 4-week courses
  • Earn between 3-12 credits