Benefits of Being a Business Scholar

//Benefits of Being a Business Scholar
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Benefits of being a Business Scholar

Enhance your education with our experiential learning program.

Major Exploration and Professional Development

Students in the Business Scholars Program go through a curriculum specifically designed to introduce them to every major available in the David Eccles School of Business. After learning about a major, students will do a hands-on project and presentation related to that major and field. By doing so, students will get a better understanding of what they are passionate about and which major they would like to declare. Students who choose their major earlier and stick with it are much more likely to graduate faster.

Professional development is one of the core learning objectives within the Business Scholars program. Students learn how to write professionally, build a professional resume, interview, give presentations and more. As a result, Business Scholars are more adequately prepared to take on a competitive job market. This is why 89% of Business Scholars graduates have jobs after graduation.

Academic Curriculum

Company Visits and Travel

Students visit companies locally and nationally to learn more about what type of company and industry for which they’d like to work. Learn more.

Global Business Scholars

The Eccles Global Business Scholars curriculum has a global focus, equipping students to explore the world of business from an international viewpoint. Learn more.

Zion Leadership Retreat

Business Scholars have a unique opportunity each spring to enjoy a weekend-long leadership retreat along with the stunning natural beauty of Zion National Park.  Learn more.

Personalized Advising

Undergraduate Advising Services (UAS) at the Eccles School supports students in realizing their academic and personal potential. Learn more.


In addition to scholarships offered by the University of Utah, there are a number of scholarships available specifically for students in the Business Scholars program.  Learn more.

Designated Career Coach

A designated career coach in Business Career Services (BCS) is assigned to each Business Scholar to assist in obtaining internships and long-term career placement. Learn more.

Corporate Outreach

A unique benefit for Business Scholars is having a career management professional attend domestic and international site visits, work to establish contacts while at these visits, and follow up to encourage employers to reach out with job and internship opportunities. Learn more.

Institutes, Centers, and Initiatives

Inform policies, find solutions to business problems, master leadership skills and literally change lives through involvement with our institutes, centers, and initiatives. Each one offers a unique opportunity for students to tackle real-world problems and truly make an impact on the business world. Learn more.

Innovation Showcase

Students work together to develop a new invention or business venture, culminating in the Business Scholars Innovation Showcase. Learn more.