Spencer Randall

I was able to spend 6 weeks in the Eastern European country of Moldova. I worked with a David Eccles School of Business partner called the Utah Moldova Business Partnership. Moldova has the lowest GDP in Europe but is full of small to medium sized businesses trying to make a name for themselves. I worked as a consultant to these businesses offering a range of services and resources from loans and financial planning to various trainings, access to professionals, import and export assistance, and marketing programs. I worked to prepare in depth company analysis reports for both members of the Sorenson Impact Investment Center and private investors. I assisted in putting on business related seminars for the Utah Moldova Business Partnership where distinguished business professionals from the United States came and spoke to Moldovan businesses. It created a positive learning and networking environment for both major Moldovan company executives and local small business owners.

During my time in Moldova we were able to help a number of companies expand both domestically and internationally. A few examples include assisting a clothing manufacturer to export their products to retailers in the United States and helping a local landscaping company prepare an efficient financial model.