Our trip to Chicago was something I was looking forward to since the day school started, and it did not disappoint! We landed in the windy city late on a Thursday night and eagerly set out to see the city but before long had to hit the hay for the big day ahead of us. We got on early start on Friday morning for our first company business to Bain & Co. – one of the largest consulting firms in the world. A Utah alum explained to us how they help some of the largest companies in the world solve problems within their respective firms and the job opportunities they offer for college graduates.

After some awesome barbeque for lunch, we had some time before our next company visit so a group of us went to the top of the famous 1010-story Sears Tower (now known as the Willis Tower) which is the tallest building in Chicago and was the tallest building in the world at one point. We then went to our second and final company visit which was at Gatorade inside of Pepsi, Co. That night, a few of us went to the Chicago Blackhawks game for our first NHL experience and to dive into their culture. The trip was topped off by two meals in a row of Chicago’s specialty deep dish pizza, a trip the Bean, a walk along Lake Michigan, and a freezing cold boat tour of the city on the Chicago River before making the trek back to Salt Lake.



By Zach Tucker, Freshman Business Scholar