Freshman Business Scholars Innovation Fair

At the beginning of the year, the freshman Business Scholars students were put into 86 innovation teams. They were assigned the task to find a problem, and create a product that could fix the problem. Students had to create a prototype, branding, packaging, pricing, and all other things that go along with the creation of a new product. On Friday April 13th. The Business Scholars students gathered at the Lassonde Institute to display their ideas in the 2018 Innovation Showcase. Teams competed for award in the following categories: Best Idea, Best Pitch, Best Prototype and Best Branding.

Students learned valuable lessons about working in teams, problem solving, the struggles of product creation. Teams pitched ideas to judges at the innovation showcase and the winning teams created the following products:

Best Idea went to Lock’n’Go a Product created to solve the problem of packages being stolen from your porch after delivery. It is essentially a safe that the delivery man can unlock.

Best Pitch went to SLC Shatter Shack, a place you can go or fun or to let out some anger, you get to choose a package and break all sorts of objects.

Best Prototype went to Cobweb, this was an app to help students with group project work, you can set deadlines, schedule meetings and chat with fellow group members.

Best Branding went to Rotocharge, a pop socket for your phone that charges you hone as you spin and play with the pop socket.

This year’s innovation fair left us excited for further development of these products and excited for next year!