Our Business Scholars group went to LA over the past weekend. On the second day, we went to Disney. We were able to receive an hour and a half presentation on how Disney works beyond the big screen. There is so much more than meets the eye. Mr. Sean Cocchia, Executive VP of business operations and general manager of four branches of Disney, opened up the real world of entertainment to us. The amount of things to take into account when creating a show or what audience they are trying to appeal to is astounding. Mr. Cocchia was well educated in all aspects of the business and was very efficient and clear in presenting the information to us.

The biggest thing I took away from our time at Disney is that knowing what the market looks like now is less important than predicting what it will look like a year down the road. Strategic planning is very important to a company’s success, especially with as large of a company as Disney. Overall, I am very grateful to be a part of a program that allows students to have amazing experiences like this. GO UTES!