Business Scholars Take Flight in Atlanta

Our Business Scholars trip to Atlanta, Georgia was a great experience to gain friendships, build up a network, and discover what it is like to participate in the business world. We had the opportunity to go explore the Delta Air Craft Museum, and learn about how they work through issues that come up within their company and how they continue to thrive as an airline in a competitive market. Delta was also a great opportunity to learn how each individual on the panel provided attained their position in the company. At the second company visit that my section got to go on, we learned all about how Home Depot goes about purchasing and marketing the products that they provide in stores. Both companies gave great insight on the importance of hard work and building a strong network.
The Atlanta trip was full of fun and good people. We were given enough free time to explore downtown Atlanta and try out Waffle House! Our three sections had a blast dancing with the lobby DJ and getting to know each other. We were able to go and see the wonderful Georgia Aquarium, which is the largest aquarium in the United States. They had manatees, giant manta rays, penguins and even four whale sharks. It was exciting to see all the creatures and exhibits.
By: Abby Garriott