Business Scholars Study Around the Globe

My Eccles Global experience allowed me to travel through Europe, while making friends along the way. Throughout my study abroad, I visited 11 countries. Each country’s culture taught me something new and opened my eyes to the global economy we live in.
I am most grateful for the fellow students on my programs, who were willing to jump into freezing water and explore castles near where they filmed the new Star Wars movies, cliff jump on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, drive as fast as a car would take us on the Autobahn, and so much more. Each day was a new adventure, and I am grateful I got to experience it with so many people! These experiences helped us to create a network unlike any I’ve made before.
Professionally, Eccles global helped me to explore international career opportunities. I made friends that worked for JPMorgan, and other large banks in London. During their lunch breaks, we would meet to discuss career opportunities, and one of my friends even brought her boss along to meet us! We visited the London Stock Exchange, Canary Warf, and got a taste of what it would be like to work in the financial district of London. These experiences taught me that a network is available wherever you go, and If something peaks your interest, don’t be afraid to ask for a favor!

Written by Nick Liddell