Business Scholars Ski Day

Business Scholars snow day was a great time. We met that morning to eat delicious Kneaders french toast together while listening to a great speaker. The speaker worked for Vail Resorts, which recently bought Park City Ski Resort and combined it with Canyons Ski Resort. This was a move that had a big effect on many of us who have lived and skied in Utah, especially those of us who skied at Park City or Canyons. There were lots of strong feelings, positive and negative, about this merger. The speaker explained to us, from Vail’s perspective, why the merger happened and what it did for Park City ski resort. This was very interesting to learn the business side of a transition that affected our ski days.
Afterward, we got to go ski and snowboard at Park City and Canyons. It was awesome to hear about these events and then go directly experience the effects of it, since I haven’t skied at Park City for a few years. Although there wasn’t much snow, it was an awesome opportunity to ski a new resort with my friends in Business Scholars. I explored the mountain, got in some great runs, and met up with friends for lunch. Overall, it was a great day.

Written by Freshman Business Scholar, Kyra Schmutz