On November 11th I had the pleasure of visiting ViaSat in Carlsbad, California as part of our trip to San Diego. The company provides international internet services to business, government, and residential customers.

The staff at Viasat was extremely welcoming. They offered our group (roughly 35 people in total) to help ourselves in their employe lounge area. After a few minutes of waiting in this area we were shuffled to a slightly different lounge area with a large TV and visuals explaining their services on the walls. The two men who gave the presentation were interactive and greeted us with true enthusiasm. While the presentation was slightly longer than I would have liked, the two men kept it interesting by engaging us with their subject matter. It was obvious they truly believed in the service that the company was providing.

After the presentation, they took our group on a tour of their facilities. I believe this is where I became the most impressed with the company. Viasat shows that they really care about their employees and want them to be comfortable in their work environment. Every building we toured was community oriented with several spaces for employees to collaborate. The most impressive part of the tour was the innovation room. It was great to see all the resources available to the employees because most companies do not encourage employees to develop ideas the way other companies do.

I learned a lot about my first official visit to a tech company. Their focus on not chasing the future but rather creating the future has completely changed the way I think about my own life philosophy. I came into the visit carrying the negative perception and stereotype that tech companies are cold and focused on their coding, but at Viasat I saw that a technology company can focus on connecting the world through the importance they placed on creating personal relationships and networking.

Overall my visit to Viasat was really positive. I loved the emphasis they put on community development and innovation. I had never previously considered a career with a tech company but the warm reception of Viasat made me rethink my future goals.