A world class CFO, the chance to win Skullcandy products, free lunch! You would have to lock me up in the old business building to keep me from going to see Jason Hodell speak at the first Friday lecture series. Jason was an amazing speaker. I’m not sure if it was his presence or the chance to win merchandise that kept everyone glued to the stage. Regardless, the audience was fixated on Mr. Hodell. It was a tremendous experience to see an example of what many of us are trying to achieve by going to a business school. Jason proved to us that it is possible to become an executive and he showed us what he does to deserve the title.

During his speech Jason gave pieces of advice for gaining and keeping consumers. He shared his secrets of winning at the store and how it helped Skullcandy secure younger customers. He shared the logistics of how he essentially saved Skullcandy from bankruptcy due to uncontrolled distribution. Mr. Hodell worked hard to resurrect the brand, but he also told us the importance of having fun. He taught us about Skullcandy’s mornings off on powder day rule, but also how they work long hours to manage finances and innovate the audio industry. It was a great lecture from the casually dressed, undoubtedly intelligent and engaging multi-million dollar CFO.

This first Friday lecture opened my eyes to the amount of experience and knowledge that I will gain during my time at the business school. Jason Hodell is a CFO of a publicly traded corporation, and we got to hear from him! The first speaker was only a sign of what is to come. I predict that a large portion of my business schooling will be derived from the amazing speakers that take the time to come and talk to us. I am amazed and thrilled that the Eccles School of Business has enough mass to attract such influential people; people who, just by listening to, can elevate and distinguish my business education.