In the spirit of skiing, allow us to introduce Nora Elde, a student who was a member of business scholars her freshman year. She is currently attending the University of Utah. Nora is from Oslo, Norway, and she is a member of the university’s ski team. We had an opportunity to interview Nora about her time in Utah as well as her experience in the business scholars program.

Why University of Utah? First and foremost because I got an offer from the ski team at the school, but also because I had been told that the Business Scholars program was a unique opportunity to learn more about how it is to study business, in addition to being exposed to the real business world.

What has Business Scholars done or meant for you? It has meant a valuable network with professors and peers. I have developed a much more accurate picture of how the business world works and what it takes to succeed. In general, there has been a lot of useful experiences and fun memories.

If you could describe your time in Utah with one word, what would it be? Fantastic