This last summer I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to travel internationally after completing the freshman Business Scholars program. Two options were given: Europe and Asia. Personally, I elected to visit London and France. The weeklong trip was truly a great experience as there was a large gamut of activities and experiences planned, all designed with the priority to provide students with an unparalleled exposure to international business. We were lucky enough to visit large companies with University of Utah alumni who guided us through tours of facilities and attended to personal question and answer sessions. London’s visits included Jaguar/LandRover factories as well as a couple historical towns nearby while Paris consisted of Deloitte and the Palace of Versailles, to name a few. In addition to these visits, we attended academic lectures in both cities and expanded our cultural horizons.

Furthermore, the trip included time to ourselves to explore the cities and infinite sight-seeing in order to get the full “abroad experience.” It was the ideal mix of fun and learning, but on a global scale.

The Europe experience was truly unforgettable. Not only we were were traveling and learning, but we were immersed in a new environment and, therefore, gaining a new perspective of how the international side of business may differ than what we have previously found here in the US. Finding our way through massive cities and treacherous metros made for great memories and a difficult time leaving our adventures. While it only lasted a week, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I am grateful to this program for the opportunity to learn from these people and visit their cities. I sincerely would not trade it for anything.

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