On the weekend of February 3rd, the Transfer Scholars had the opportunity to go on a business trip to Boston. Not only were we excited because of the historical city and the business opportunities we were going to have there, it was also Super Bowl weekend and the New England Patriots were playing in the Super Bowl that Sunday!

While in Boston we were able to visit several established companies, as well as a couple of start-up companies. I had the opportunity to visit Mitra Biotech, a new start-up company. Mitra works with cancer patients and their doctors to effectively find which type of medication will help shrink a patients tumor. It was fascinating to sit with so many Ph. D.’s and MD’s and hear their backgrounds and how they were changing peoples lives. The CEO of the company graduated from the U with his Ph. D., which was great to hear because it helped us see the impact we could have on the world as alumni.

Along with the Super Bowl that weekend, the Los Angeles Lakers were also in town to play the Boston Celtics. We had the opportunity to attend the game on Friday night, and also meet with individuals who work for the Celtics earlier that day. We discussed what working within a sports company is like and learned a lot of valuable information about sports business.

On Saturday we were able to go and explore Boston. Many students went and walked around Harvard University, participated in the Freedom Trail and some even went to see Fenway Park. The food was fantastic, although I probably had too many lobster rolls and too much clam chowder from Quincy Market!

Traveling to Boston was an amazing experience and all of the Transfer Scholars are so thankful to all the companies that we visited! We are grateful to the university and the Transfer Scholar Program for allowing us to go on this trip! Go Utes!