SMART Start Mentoring

SMART Start is a program partnership between Business Career Services and the David Eccles Alumni Network. It provides Eccles School students the opportunity to interact with alumni from across various fields of business and aims to provide current students with “flash mentoring” and the opportunity for students and alumni to engage in an organic approach to mentorship and networking.

Flash mentoring is one-time or short-term mentoring, centered around tactical meetings which provide knowledge or skills as participants need them. With this format, mentees can learn from a variety of individuals with expertise in varying areas of business, create high-impact and low-commitment connections, ask industry-specified questions, and get multiple perspectives on a particular topic.

  • Support and coaching in deciding upon a career path
  • Knowledge and perspective of an organization
  • Understanding of how their ambitions fit into education, student life and career choices
  • Expanded personal network and networking advice
  • Critique of resume, cover letters, LinkedIn, or other professional communication
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Understanding of business etiquette, dining etiquette, corporate culture, and professionalism
  • Job shadowing
  • Focus and direction toward their goals