Business Student Internship Program

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Business Student Internship Program

Students will establish specific learning objectives and goals for the internship and obtain on-the-job experience related to an academic major or to a career goal. They will also obtain supervision and training by a professional in a job setting. Students will research career paths and employers while constructing and articulating personal brand. Polish interview, resume, and networking skills. Receive written feedback and evaluation from the supervisor in the job setting. Lastly, they will identify next steps or actions to move forward in the career development process and evaluate the internship experience.

Course Prerequisites

Must be a business major with at least a 3.0 GPA and must have completed at least 2 semesters at the college level.

Course Details

Enrolled students will receive upper division business credit for completing BUS 5880. Credit is variable depending on student needs and hours worked. Credit options range from 0.5- 6 credit hours. Please see the below chart to determine the working hours required for each credit level.

Credit Hours Chart

Credit Hours Minimum Weekly Hours (or) Total Hours Required
0.5- 1 10 110
2 11 185
3 15 260
4 20 335
5 25 410
6 40 440
Course Syllabus and Assignments