Gain the real-world experience you need.

Internships provide valuable experience and prepare you for career success. In fact, many full-time job offers come from internships. To be competitive in today’s business world, we recommend completing one to three internships prior to graduating. Internship opportunities are available year-round – to all business students! However, be aware that some companies and industries recruit in the early fall for internships that begin the following summer. Click here to hear about real internship experiences from Business Career Ambassadors!

Freshman year.

Sophomore year.

Junior year.

Senior year.

How do I find an internship in Handshake?

  • Fill out your Career Interests within Handshake to identify your job target.
  • Schedule an appointment with your Career Coach and make a plan
  • Log in to Handshake to apply to jobs and internships. Check frequently to ensure you don’t miss out.

Handshake includes 4 job search engines that allow you to find positions locally, nationally, and internationally – all free for you to access though your own CIS page!

  • Exclusive to U Jobs has postings from over 5000+ employers in our database who are looking to specifically recruit University of Utah students. Hundreds of positions are shared daily and you can easily filter to identify those most relevant to you.
  • CareerShift is a personal career management resource that all University of Utah students have access to. It provides an easy approach solution to job and internship search, finding employer contacts, and more (see link in Handshake).
  • GoinGlobal provides country-specific career and employment information, including world-wide internship and job postings, H1B employer listings, corporate profiles, and career resources for 30 countries (see link in Handshake).
  • NACELink Network has over 5 million employers with local, national, and international positions right at your fingertips.

Making the most of your internship

Obtaining an internship is only the first step. You also need to perform well and make a positive impression on your supervisors and coworkers. Listed below are strategies for a successful internship.

Set a timeline of goals and follow-up, in order to make the most of your internship experience.
Communicate respectfully with all employees. Exhibit your professionalism by being punctual, efficient and dedicated.

More than likely, you will have a supervisor who will assist and guide you. Ask questions. It’s important to clarify an assignment upfront; that way you won’t get it wrong.
Many of your duties will be well-defined, but some work may not be. Your employer will be impressed when you see a problem or issue and address it. Be flexible and respond positively to change.
If your internship helped you to learn what you don’t want to do, thank them for the opportunities they provided you and even ask if they may have contacts in your new area of interest. If it appears you will stay on either as an intern or in a full-time professional position, clarify new expectations and arrangement