International Students & the Job Search

There are both legal and cultural barriers involved in international students’ job searches. Visas and work authorization processes can be complicated, and the cultural differences in resumes, interviews and networking can be unsettling.

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International Student Career Success Checklist

Many employers are not aware of U.S. Visa policy.  Being able to explain these requirements can help them understand the process and make it easier for them to hire you.  International Student & Scholar Services Website  and workshops can give you this knowledge.

Even if you’re not sure what questions to ask, your Career Coach can help you get started and give you resources to be successful.  To make an appointment, stop by SFEBB 1120, or call 801-587-8687, or click here.

The ability to speak and write English well is a top requirement for most employers.  Here are some suggestions for practice:

Asking for advice and information from professionals will help you explore careers and identify opportunities. If you’re nervous about reaching out to contacts, your Career Coach can assist you.  Consider these networking opportunities:

  • Campus-sponsored Company Information Sessions
  • Career Fairs
  • Informational Interviews
  • Create a strong LinkedIn profile and use resources to engage employers
  • Join a professional trade or industry, and student associations

When faced with a setback, analyze and modify your strategy, seek feedback, stay positive, and don’t give up.

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