Meet the Team

Corporate Outreach

Katie Hoffman-Abby
Katie Hoffman-AbbyAssistant Dean
Diana Woodbury
Diana WoodburyDirector, Business Career Services Communications & Student Support
Denise DeCoite
Denise DeCoiteDirector, Corporate Outreach
Greg Bisping
Greg BispingAssociate Director, Corporate Outreach
Debora Owens
Debora OwensAssociate Director, Corporate Outreach
Molly Coughlin
Molly CoughlinAssociate Director, Communications & Student Support
Leslie Bolton
Leslie BoltonRelationship Manager, Corporate Outreach
Lisa Lovoi
Lisa LovoiRelationship Manager, Corporate Outreach
Miles McCunniff
Miles McCunniffRelationship Manager, Corporate Outreach
Dominic Militello
Dominic MilitelloRelationship Manager, Corporate Outreach
Marc Rouby
Marc RoubyInternational Corporate Outreach and Student Placement Manager
Darren Wesemann
Darren WesemannCrimson Projects Director
Jane Dower
Jane DowerEvents Manager
Suzie Pilkington
Suzie PilkingtonRecruitment Coordinator
Michael Herman
Michael HermanTechnical Support Analyst

Career Coaching Staff

Sue Finch
Sue FinchDirector, Student Professional Development & Placement
Rebecca McDonald
Rebecca McDonaldAssociate Director, MSIS Coach
Suzy Shurtliff
Suzy ShurtliffAssociate Director, Career Education
Colby Brown
Colby BrownCareer Coach
Emilie Davis
Emilie DavisBCOR Instructor, Career Coach
Jon Davis
Jon DavisCareer Coach
Schaun Davis
Schaun DavisCareer Coach
Rebecca Gardiner
Rebecca GardinerCareer Coach
Susan Grant
Susan GrantCareer Coach
Liz Hasty
Liz Hasty BCOR Instructor, Career Coach
Laura Herring
Laura HerringCareer Coach
Lynnette Horner
Lynnette HornerSenior Career Coach
Delilah Martis
Delilah MartisCareer Coach
Sean McKelvie
Sean McKelvieCareer Coach
Ashlee Roberts
Ashlee RobertsCareer Coach
Tony Simiele
Tony SimieleCareer Coach